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The hardest part of fixing a roof leak is usually finding the problem. Spotting water stains or mold growth is easy but once water has penetrated the roof, it’s easily diverted by things like insulation. So even though you may notice the evidence of a leak in the living room, the vulnerable point in the roof may be quite far removed from that part of the house. There’s actually a little detective work in roof repair because of this. Learn how to quickly figure out what’s going on, plug leaks and prevent further damage.

Now if you’re going to do the inspecting yourself you need to be extremely careful especially if there’s no proper flooring. The attic can be dark so you might want to walk with a flashlight. Once you’re balanced on the joists examine the underside of the roof using the flashlight. You’re looking for any areas that are darker than the surrounding roof sheathing but If it hasn’t been raining recently, moist spots may be too difficult to pin point. Mold is different, it has the tendency to linger. So if you spot a patch of mold thriving on moisture, chances are you’ve found a vulnerable point in the roof.

Checking the insulation helps as a start

The underside of your roof may be concealed by insulation but that’s helpful because insulation deteriorates more noticeably and more quickly than wood does. One section of the insulation may be damaged but remember that the leak itself may be several feet to either side. The best thing to do is carefully remove all insulation adjacent to the spot where you notice signs of a leak. Now you can follow the path of the water from the damaged area all the way to the water’s entry point in the roof. Be sure to wear protective gear when working with insulation.

Some roof leaks are more noticeable

Leaks cause by an object like a nail are the most noticeable, if you see any such obvious signs, check out the roof vents. These vents are typically near ridges or gable ends, or both. Rain water can sometimes start seeping in over time if the seals around vents weaken.

Here’s an interesting scenario. What would you do in a case where you’re desperate to find a roof leak but recent dry weather has made your search more challenging? Well for something like that you might have to recreate a rainy day but you will need some help. One person goes up on the roof with a garden hose the other person remains in the attic with flashlight. Section by section, the person on the roof wets down the roof, while the other carefully examines the roof’s underside for leaks.

As soon as you figure out where your leak is you need to act quickly and do a roof repair because leaks only get worse over time. If you don’t feel comfortable on the roof or if the leak seems to be bigger than you can handle, don’t hesitate to contact a professional roof contractor.

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